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아시아행정학회(AAPA) 모임 안내
 작성자 : 관리자
작성일 : 2013-10-14     조회 : 1,536  
AAPA 2014 Annual Conference
Call for Papers
Asian Association for Public Administration (AAPA) Annual Conference
The Study and Practice of Public Administration in Asia and the Rest of the World: Trends, Nuances, and Challenges
Cebu International Convention Center
Cebu City, The Philippines
February 6-8, 2014

The AAPA Annual Conference aims to create a dialogue among scholars and practitioners of Asian public administration and public policy to address various challenges in the field of public affairs.
Conference Theme and Sub-Themes:
Scholars, researchers, and practitioners in the field of public administration are invited to submit a paper proposal with a focus on the conference theme of “The Study and Practices of Public Administration in Asia and the Rest of the World: Trends, Nuances, and Challenges.”
The international conference will focus on the following set of issues, which include (but are not limited to): (1) exploring the public administration disciplinary agenda - theoretical and methodological issues; (2) public administration across borders - comparative trends and practices; (3) public sector reforms and innovations; and (4) public administration, public governance, and international cooperation.
Conference Venue and Date:
Conference Venue: Cebu International Convention Center, Cebu City, Philippines
Conference Date: January 24-26, 2014
Conference Website:
Submission Deadlines:
Submission of a 500 word abstract is due by October 15, 2013. If a proposal is accepted, the local organizing committee will communicate with you before October 30, 2013. After that, a full paper (6000-8000 words) must be submitted to the local organizing committee by December 15, 2012. All regular conference participants are responsible for their own travel and local accommodation to attend the conference in Cebu City, Philippines. Selected high-quality papers from the conference will be considered for possible publication in a special edited volume of the Asian Review of Public Administration (ARPA) and/or the Journal of Poverty Alleviation and International Development (JPAID) in 2014.
Contact Information:
For more information regarding the 2014 AAPA Annual Conference, please contact:
Dr. Alex Bello Brillantes (AAPA 2014 Local Organizing Committee Chair), Jr. National College of Public Administration and Governance, University of the Philippines, Diliman 1101, Quezon City, Philippines.

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